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Invisible Waterproof Agent (BUY ONE GET TWO FREE)

Invisible Waterproof Agent (BUY ONE GET TWO FREE)

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About this item

  • 1. Fix various water leakage issues. We adhere to the exclusive production formula based on water and rubber, which can penetrate cracks, seams, and leaks, effectively repairing and sealing any cracked surface. Form a waterproof protective layer in adjacent areas.
  • 2. Made of high-quality ingredients, friendly to the human body and environment, non-toxic. After testing and approval, it has a longer duration. It will not cause damage to the surface of the human body.
  • 3 helps save time, money, and energy, ensuring long-term protection after use. This is the most effective and economical waterproof sealing agent. Can be used to penetrate cracks, window sills, toilets, walls, exterior walls, etc.
  • 4. You just need to "brush" the glue on the desired surface and it's all done! It is an effective sealing repair agent. It can immediately and effectively seal pipeline leaks in walls, ceilings, roofs, window sills, and other areas.
  • 5 has a strong adhesion and sealing effect, immediate effect, lasting for many years. 

Product Description

Invisible waterproof agent - 3.5Fl Oz (100ml)


1.Clean the base surface before construction to ensure that the base surface is dry and free from dirt. If there are cracks (more than 2 mm),it is recommended to repair with sealant first,and then use waterproof agent.

2. Brush the product directly on the surface of ceramic tile, floor tile,wall tile,cement,etc.,wait for the product to penetrate into the base course. After several minutes, when there is no liquid on the surface,spray twice or three times to enhance the effect. The waterproof layer can be formed after curing for 24-48 hours, and the waterproof layer will be stronger with the time delay.

[Scope of application]

Anti leakage of ceramic tile and concrete material for exterior wall,toilet and window sill

[Matters needing attention]

1.When the ground is wet or rainy, this product can not be used.

2.Operators should pay attention toprotect their eyes during construction. Ifit is splashed on the skin, please rinse it with clean water.

3.Excessive spraying will form white particle crystals on the surface of the object.

4.This product does not dilute and can notbe used directly with cement and other articles

5.This product is not edible.Keep away from children.


Material Waterborne acrylic lotion
Brand Addbuy
Style Protection,Protective
Compatible Material Ceramic Tiles, Glass, Plastic, Rubber
Water Resistance Level Water Resistant
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